Thursday, March 6, 2008

Catching up with former Tiger WR Courtney Taylor


How's the NFL treating you?

So far it's treating me amazingly well. I'm having fun competing and my teammates are a bunch of good guys who I have bonded with just fine.

Why did you choose Auburn? Surely you had other schools pursuing you what made you become a Tiger?

Well the thing about Auburn was the coaches really wanted me there and I loved the community. It was a no brainer that Auburn was the place for me.

Do you keep in touch with any of your former teammates?

I pretty much try to keep in touch with everybody just to check and see how everything is going with them whether they're in the league or not.So I keep up with quite a bit of my old teammates.

What are you most proud of from your time ar Auburn?

Due to the fact I grew up 30 minutes from Alabama campus beating bama all my years at Auburn. HaHa! So it was bragging rights whenever I went home.

What does it mean to you to have beaten Alabama every year you were at Auburn?

It means everything to me. This game is the reason you come to Auburn and to win every year is something that will always be special to me and my family.

Do you think they'll ever beat us?

HaHa, well let's say rolllll Tigers until the end of times......

Do you think we should have been the National Champions in 2004?

I feel we should have at least had a shot at it. I feel we played some of the best competition in college football and not to get the chance to even compete for it was very disappointing. No disrespect to USC, but they know in 2004 we would have given them all they asked for and more.

I'd like to ask you about some of the games you played in.

Your first game was against USC. What was it like going up against a team that had so many NFL type players (Leinert, Bush, White)?

It was fun, I enjoyed watching other players around the nation my entire college career and to just say I've played against those guys and many more is a honor that I thank God everyday for just giving me the ability to compete at a level as high as many great players around the country.

Your sophmore year you became an Auburn legend when you caught the touchdown pass against LSU with a minute to go. What did you think when you saw Vaughn missed the extra point?

I honestly didn't see it because I was on the sideline getting mobbed by my teammates. I didn't know until after the game he missed the first one. I just figured we had a penalty on the play.

I remember watching the Georgia Tech game in 2005 and thinking who in the world is Calvin Johnson? You had a big night that night too. What do you remember about that game?

I remember us losing to those guys when we were so much a bettter team, not to take anything away from Georgia Tech because they beat us fair and square. But I feel for whatever reason we didn't bring our A game.

What do you remember about your touchdown pass against Ole Miss that year?

Not much to be honest, just that I was having a great year at that time.

The Georgia game in 2005 is now part of Auburn football legend. What do you remember about recovering Devin Aromashodu's fumble to set up the game winning field goal?

I just remember chasing after him to congratulate him and saw the ball pop out and just did what I was coached to do.

What do you remember about the LSU game your senior year? That was a defensive chess match we were lucky enough to win 7-3.

It was one of the toughest games I have ever played in still until this day. Hard hitting, big plays, and tough defense is what i remember after that game and still being sore for about two weeks afterwards.

What did it mean to you to go out a winner in the Cotton Bowl against Nebraska?

It meant the world to me and my senior teammates. To go out like we came in, Winners. We were the winningness class in Auburn history.

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